Who we are

  • We are a tightly focused professional services organization
  • We serve customers in the financial, Telecom, Power and services sectors
  • We deliver insightful, creative and results -driven business and technology solutions to companies that desire added value and productivity

What We Believe

Excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Customer feedback solicited on every assignment or project, with managerial follow-up
  • Team and individual accountability
  • Focus on building strong customer relationships
  • Earn customer trust through credibility and integrity
  • Involvement at all levels and areas of our organization
  • Results driven through teamwork and collaboration
  • Work toward common goals
  • Share knowledge and best practices
  • Foster open and honest communication
  • Commitment to employee personal and professional growth
  • Company commitment to providing opportunities and tools for personal and professional growth
  • Individual commitment for taking action
  • Excellence in management and leadership
  • Accountability for results
  • Accountability to those supervised

What does Today's Market need?


Today's business climate, demands a management and information technology Consulting partner that:

  • Offers refreshing and innovative ideas on how to practically solve business challenges using technology
  • Has demonstrated expertise in aligning technology to improve business performance
  • Provides superior value in terms of quality, price and results
  • Very Customer focused

Holmen Consulting is that Consulting Partner